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Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics



Linear regression application

Module ELEC362

Coursework name Project

Component weight 50%

Semester 1

HE Level 5

Lab location personal computers/laptops, university remote computer

Work Individual

*Estimated time to finish 40 hours (coding and testing)

Assessment method Individually

Submission format Online via VITAL

Submission deadline 11.59 pm on the 17th January, 2021

Late submission Standard university penalty applies

Resit opportunity None except for extenuating circumstance

Marking policy Marked and moderated independently

Anonymous marking No (the marker needs to link the code to the report)

Feedback via VITAL GradeMark® / Turnitin Feedback Studio

Expected release of marks date 15 business days from the deadline

Learning outcomes LO2: Using C++ to implement GUI-based software.

LO3: Using online documentation for self-learning.

*Note: This estimate may vary based on the need to debug your application. Make sure

you start working on the project as soon as possible. 

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The project

Task 1: Design and implement a Qt-based GUI linear regression application. The application reads a

file of data points, given by two columns one for x coordinates and one for y coordinates, then

calculates the best linear fit of the form: